How To Care For Your Bras

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You may not think much about it, but there are many ways to care for and prolong the life of your favorite bras. 

  • First of all, you need a minimum of 3 bras. One to wear, one to wash and one to rest. Rotating the bras you wear will prolong their life.
  • It is ok to wear a bra 2-3 times, but do not wear it two days in a row. Let it rest to return to original shape.
  • Wash by hand or in a lingerie bag. Use gentle soap, gentle cycle, and cold water.
  • Be sure to hook the hooks so you do not get any snags.
  • Avoid the dryer. Dry your bra by laying it flat. Do not hang by the straps, they will stretch out.
  • When storing your bras, stack them, do not fold.

Follow these simple steps and your bras will last a long time.

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