How To Properly Fit a Bra

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Did you know there is a right way to wear a bra?  There sure is. It’s very important to wear a correctly fit bra. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a bra.

  • Make sure the band is parallel to the floor. It should not be pulled up by the straps. If it is, your band size it too large. The band is where you get all your support. This is an example of an incorrect fit.
  • A new bra should be hooked on the last sets of hooks. That way, as the bra stretches, you can tighten it by moving to the next set of hooks

    correct bra band fit

    • The straps need to stay up without digging in. Remember, it’s the band and not the straps that support you. The straps shouldn’t have to carry that responsibility.
    • The center bridge should rest against your chest wall. If it is floating, your bra is too small.

    correct fit of bra bridge

    • As for the cups, there should be no gaping or double boob. The cups should give your breasts a gentle hug.

    Keep these things in mind the next time you go bra shopping and you will have much better luck finding a good fit. Be open to trying a new size. Most women actually wear the wrong size bra.

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