Pros and Cons of a Bralette

blue satin bralette

I personally love a bralette. They are soft and comfortable. Here are a few characteristics of a bralette.


  • They are usually less expensive that a traditional bra and easier to fit.
  • They are fashionable, more comfortable than a bra and can easily be worn year-round.
  • Because they are wire free, they are great for those with sensitive skin, those who are pregnant, breast feeding or have sensitive breasts.
  • Most of the time they don’t have hooks, which make them easier to get on. Simply slip them over your head.
  • Their lace straps can be a fashion statement with today’s styles. No more ugly bra straps showing.
  • Great for sleeping in or lounging around the house.


  • Bralettes do not provide any lift or support for larger breasts.
  • They may be hard to put on if you have a hard time raising your hands over your head.

In my opinion, bralettes are a great way to stay comfortable and fashionable at the same time. That’s a win, win in my book!


The bralette pictured is available on my website.

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