Stocking Care

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Oh NO! You have a run in your stockings. There are ways to avoid runs in new stockings and prevent small snags from turning into larger runs.

When buying stockings, look for these features.

  • Reinforced toes. This protects your stockings from a rough toenail. (that’s another topic)
  • Purchase one size up. If that’s an option, a larger size will help with pulling that could cause a run.

 Care of Stockings

  • Wash separately. Wash your stockings in a lingerie bag if you put them in the washing machine. Hand washing is best to avoid clasps, zippers, and other metal closures from tearing your stockings.
  • Set your dryer on delicate or hang to dry.

When putting them on,

  • Moisturize your hands before putting them on. You are less likely to snag them.
  • Check out your fingernails and toenails. Remove any jagged edges. File them into a smooth curve.
  • Moisturize your heels as well. Keep those cracks and callouses under control. You can use a nice scrub to exfoliate if you have rough skin on your heels.
  • Don’t put jewelry on until after the stockings. Rings, bracelets, and watches can easily snag your stockings. Toe rings can cause damage to your fragile stockings as well.
  • Remove your jewelry before removing your stockings too.

What to do if you have a run.

  • Use clear nail polish to stop a run or small snag in its tracks. Place your hand inside the stocking, dap with the nail polished, wait until it dries to remove your hand.
  • Spray a small amount of hairspray. Spray at the beginning of the run so it won’t go any wider. Use a lite spray, you don’t want your stockings to get sticky.
  • You can use hairspray to prevent runs and snags by spraying the entire surface to help strengthen the fibers. This must be done every time you wear them, as the hairspray washes out.


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